What a beautiful book. One of the things I like about it is the quiet quality of being with you as you listen to yourself.
– R. Newman

I have only read the opening, invitation and first meditation.
It is very soothing and refreshing. Thank you.
– C. Dodson

Thank you for your book. I am not even half way through it and have already had a wonderful experience. The first exercise alone explained a lot to me about myself. I am truly grateful for this book.
– S. Harte

Many, many thanks for the beautiful book. What a wonderful combination of wisdom and inspirational art!
– N. Smith

Your book is very inspiring and powerful!
– R. Kalmar

This is truly a lovely book. There are so many moving and helpful selections.
– F. Borsch

I want you to know your words really touched me. Sometimes I forget to remember how pleasant it is to slow down and just reflect on my own thoughts and experiences. I look forward to rereading your book again and again.
– C. Barry

Your book is one to be savored during quiet times. You have created a most thoughtful and beautiful work.
– E. Hotchkiss

Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to transformational learning. You write with such clarity.
– D. Driscoll

I like the insight that life is too often defined by meetings instead of meeting. We need both at the same time. Your book, in it’s wise and reflective way, tells us how.
– M. Boyd

This is wonderful refreshment for the soul, like a quiet brook in an old forest.
– P. Iles



The Sacred Art of Listening
©2003 Kay Lindahl