Your book is great preparation for a facilitator. Your words are good advice:

for the personal enrichment that comes through silent meditation
for the instruction to think before one responds
for the lessions on how to listen to what is truly
being said.

It is very well written.
— E. Hotchkiss

This book should be required reading for every parent, grandparent, husband and wife. It says it all. I love it and keep it next to my desk for constant inspiration.
– B. Muller

I loved the simplicity and great suggestions in this book. Making the connection that relationships are a part of my spiritual journey was a great awakening. I now see each relationship, each listening, with a new awareness and openheartedness. The book gave me new tools for making those relationships deeper, through deep listening and silent reflection.
– S. Miller

It's excellent. I used it on my retreat and I'm recommending it to others. What a gift! Great for spiritual seekers!
– P. McKenna

Practicing The
Sacred Art of Listening
©2003 Kay Lindahl